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  2. Corona hygiene measures declaration

Corona hygiene measures declaration

Declaration of hygiene measures at OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL

You can feel at ease as if you were at home"my home"

  • OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL has been operating under the concept of "my home Okayama where you can communicate".

    To have an important time with an important person
    To make you feel at home as if you were at home

    We are taking hygiene measures with this as our highest priority, so please come and feel at ease.

    With the recent epidemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), we are trying to alleviate the anxiety of everyone who is fighting the anxiety of infection every day.

    Bonds with loved ones are deepened by a “common experience” of traveling.
    Face-to-face relationships also have a big impact on the performance of important work.
    We will sincerely support the happiness of everyone.

Response to staff

  • ·Staff mask wear,Hand wash,Thorough gargling
    ·Self-restraint of staff with fever and infectious symptoms and medical institution diagnosis instructions
  • ·Temperature measurement when coming to work,Thorough hand disinfection
    ·Prohibition of going to a closed space where there is a risk of going out and cluster infection

Responses to the facility and to customers

  • Disinfectants are installed at various places in the facility such as the entrance, front counter, restaurant entrance, lobby washroom, and washrooms.

    Installed Nanoe Plasmacluster air purifier in the lobby and restaurant to inactivate viruses, pollen, and house dust
  • We regularly disinfect (wipe off) areas that customers often touch, such as room keys, elevator buttons, front counters, restaurant table chairs, etc.

    Individual tongs are available at the restaurant.We also recommend installing and using vinyl gloves.
  • Even when using the air conditioner, we regularly ventilate the lobby and restaurants.

    Both used and unused rooms are ventilated daily.

    The elevator is also equipped with a ventilation fan all day long.
  • All rooms are equipped with Nanoe Plasmacluster air purifiers and humidifiers that inactivate viruses, pollen, and house dust.

    Thoroughly disinfect tables, chairs, door knobs, remote controls, etc. that customers often touch
    We are disinfecting the room with an ozone generator that kills the virus.
  • We will exchange money and cards as much as possible on the tray.
  • Acrylic boards are installed at the front desk to prevent splashes.In addition, we show the standing position in front of the front desk so that we can maintain a social distance.

    In order to keep the distance, the restaurant does not fill up and restricts entry.We will guide you by vacating one seat at a time.

Request to customers

  • Please be sure to wear a mask and sterilize your hands with alcohol when you come to the museum.

    Please wear a mask when leaving the room or in public spaces such as elevators and restaurants.

    If you feel unwell during your stay, please contact the staff
  • We ask you to measure the temperature with a non-contact thermometer at check-in.

    Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or if you feel unwell

    Please be aware of "new travel etiquette" when traveling, and go on a fun trip with peace of mind.