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SDGs Initiatives

  • Our approach to "a sustainable society"

Creating a caring society where people and people can coexist and prosper

  • People can not live alone. Living and helping one another, this peaceful society was built. However, with the progress of civilization, human relations have become thin, and I feel that they are not caring for others or anything else. There are also many cases of sad cases in which the parents and children are harmed and the others are hurt as an outlet for their own stress.
    Since our establishment, we have been trying to build a good human relationship with a spirit that values the important people, but in order to be able to create a healthy society where people and people can be caring and helping each other I will do my best from now on.

What is SDGs?

  • SDGs (S. Dee Geese) is an abbreviation of "Sustainable Development Goals".

    From September 2015, at the “UN Sustainable Development Summit” held at the UN Headquarters in New York, “20160 2030” described in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by UN member states It is about "international goal up to the year".
    With the aim of ensuring that everyone enjoys peace and affluence, it is made up of "17 global goals" and "169 targets (achievement criteria)", and no one on earth is left behind ("leave no one behind" ") I swear.

    OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL agrees with this "sustainable development goal" advocated by the United Nations, and believes that business development for "a sustainable society" is important.
    Based on the characteristics of our business, our company extracts issues to be tackled from the goals of SDGs, and works with our staff, business partners and locals to solve them, considering what we can do inside and outside the company We will work on


  • Our goal is to make our hometown Okayama a comfortable and lively city. We will promote what we can do through our business
  • Take care of limited resources

    ●Measures for food loss
    Many food losses are generated at hotels such as banquets and breakfast buffets. Therefore, we are making efforts to minimize it.
    For example, a morning and afternoon buffet. Not a full buffet, the main buffet is a half buffet style that is made after being ordered. We use ingredients such as rice, miso soup, and salad that are not lost in a buffet. The food loss other than the food left by the customer is almost zero by this.

    ●Call for eco-cleaning for consecutive guests
    For guests staying in a row, we ask you to skip the replacement of sheets and linens if you wish. As a result, it is possible to contribute to the environment by suppressing the use of organic detergents, etc. generated during cleaning.

    ●Thorough recycling
    Disposal of restaurant chopsticks, cardboard and waste oil used in our hotel, plastic bottles and aluminum cans used by customers are separated and collected by recycling companies.

    By these efforts
    We received commendation from Okayama City as 2012 Okayama City business system waste reduction, resources promotion promotion excellent company.
  • Partnership for Okayama Activation

    ●Creation of original restaurant map by tie-up with neighboring restaurants
    There are restaurants in this facility, but we have created our own restaurant map to revitalize the city of Okayama. Recommended shops are picked up according to genres such as “Family” and “Business”. As a result, the shops introduced here are also pleased, and the introduction to our hotel is born.

    ●Tie-up with neighborhood nursery school
    Tie-up with a 24-hour nursery in front of the hotel. We offer half-price tickets to hotel guests and are very pleased with guests with children.

    ●"Okayama Shokukatsu"Okayama Shokukatsu up with local food producers
    Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is decreasing year by year (66% in 2018). The consumption of rice is less than half that of 1962. In order to contribute to solving such problems, we tie up with Okayama producers and introduce delicious Okayama ingredients to hotel guests from outside the prefecture. As a result, it is a chance to learn about the goodness and deliciousness of Okayama.
  • Providing workplaces and motivations for a wide range of age groups

    ●Supporting rehabilitation of mothers who are raising children through short-term employment
    I am working in a short time for my mom who is raising children and wants to return to work. This gives them confidence in their work. If there is further hope, we will be promoted to regular employees.

    ●Active employment of elderly people such as retired employees
    It is also open to healthy elderly people with extensive social experience. He leads the young staff with the experience and knowledge he has gained so far in the parking lot reception and the maintenance of the facility.

    ●Promote staff motivation, including an in-house commendation system
    Our company has a wide range of staff from 18 to 80 years old and is a family-like company. Among them, we have commended a few staff who worked hard. In addition, we have established various follow-up systems such as an in-house training system, participation in conventions, visits to excellent stores, subsidies up to ¥ 500,000 for hospitalization, and a family anniversary system.
  • Fostering the human power, work power, appreciation, and thinking power of staff

    ●In-house study session,Implementation of Tokume morning
    Our company does more than just do daily work,
    We hold in-house study sessions and Asakusa Tokume using educational materials to foster the four skills required for work: human ability, appreciation, work, and thinking.
    Through this, we aim to improve the quality not only as a hotelman but also as a working adult.