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Sustainable efforts

  • Our approach to "a sustainable society"

Creating a caring society where people and people can coexist and prosper

  • Advances in science and technology have weakened human relationships, and the corona wreck is accelerating it.I feel like I'm losing compassion for others and things other than myself.There are many sad cases where you can hurt your parents or your child with harmlessness or harm others.I came across the SDGs when I thought that it would be of great significance for local SMEs to tackle this big issue that could be called an international problem.I feel that the spirit of the SDGs, which focuses on each and every person in a vulnerable position, is in line with our management philosophy of "creating people, creating people, and creating moisture." We are thinking of efforts to work together organically and help each other.

What is SDGs?

  • SDGs (S. Dee Geese) is an abbreviation of "Sustainable Development Goals".

    From September 2015, at the “UN Sustainable Development Summit” held at the UN Headquarters in New York, “20160 2030” described in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by UN member states It is about "international goal up to the year".
    With the aim of ensuring that everyone enjoys peace and affluence, it is made up of "17 global goals" and "169 targets (achievement criteria)", and no one on earth is left behind ("leave no one behind" ") I swear.

    OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL agrees with this "Sustainable Development Goals" advocated by the United Nations, and believes that it is important to develop business for "realization of a sustainable society".
    Based on the characteristics of our business, our company extracts issues to be tackled from the goals of SDGs, and works with our staff, business partners and locals to solve them, considering what we can do inside and outside the company We will work on

  • Our hotel was posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs JAPAN SDGs ActionPlatform as an example of SDGs initiatives
    ※The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently closed.


  • OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL has set "Okayama Revitalization Support Business" as a business domain and is promoting efforts to improve the attractiveness of the city of Okayama.We believe that inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements can be achieved by achieving the following goals in combination.Our goal is to make Okayama, our hometown, a liveable and lively city.
  • Supporting local child-rearing families and children

    Children's loneliness is serious in the modern society where nuclear families, single assignments, and double-income families are advancing.
    In addition, the corona sickness puts a heavy burden on families raising children and has become a social problem.In order to become a supporter for child-rearing families in a modern society where one in seven children is said to be poor, we regularly hold "Kodomo Shokudo" and "Meals and Workshops for Single Parents". ..The food prepared by the hotel chef, who cannot be eaten on a daily basis, is fresh and popular with children.It is said that it is unprecedented nationwide to host a hotel sponsorship, and it is difficult to continue, but we will use the holding funds to build a sustainable business model by using a part of the sales of our ethical products. doing.

  • Practicing SDGs by holding regular in-house study sessions and bottom-up

    Our company holds in-house study sessions and Tokume morning assembly using teaching materials to foster the four powers required for work: human power, gratitude, work power, and thinking power.This encourages basic knowledge and self-growth not only as a hotel employee but also as a member of society, aiming to improve customer service skills.In addition, we invite outside lecturers once a month to check and advise on SDGs initiatives, which not only spreads SDGs within the company, but also evolves into a bottom-up company-wide business. ..
  • Providing workplaces and motivations for a wide range of age groups

    ●Supporting rehabilitation by shortening the hiring of mothers who are raising children and hiring elderly people
    I am working in a short time for my mom who is raising children and wants to return to work. This gives them confidence in their work. If there is further hope, we will be promoted to regular employees. The hotel is registered as an Okayama child-rearing support company in Okayama Prefecture.
    In addition, we are open to the elderly with abundant social experience, and we are leading young staff with the experience and knowledge we have cultivated so far, such as maintenance in this facility and parking lot reception.

  • Providing a place where everyone can play an active role

    ●Providing opportunities for people with disabilities to play an active role
    We have handicap designers design the packaging for our original products.By doing so, I get the joy of living and the feeling that working is useful to the world.

    ●Providing opportunities for international students to play an active role
    We plan events to let foreign students know about the wonders of their own country, and provide opportunities for students to actively participate in society and corporate activities.
    ※The photo below shows the event held by Vietnamese students to introduce Vietnamese cuisine.(2022.1.16 1st event)
  • Take care of limited resources

    ●Measures for food loss
    Many food losses are generated at hotels such as banquets and breakfast buffets. Therefore, we are making efforts to minimize it.
    For example, a morning and afternoon buffet. Instead of a full buffet, the main dishes are prepared after the order is placed, a half-buffet style.Since you can eat freshly made, the customer's evaluation has also risen.On the other hand, we offer buffet style food items such as rice, miso soup, salad, etc.Sometimes the rice that gets hard over time is made into porridge, and vegetables are also used for bouillon with scraps that cannot be used.The food loss other than the food left by the customer is almost zero by this.

    ●Call for eco-cleaning for consecutive guests
    For guests staying in a row, we ask you to skip the replacement of sheets and linens if you wish. As a result, it is possible to contribute to the environment by suppressing the use of organic detergents, etc. generated during cleaning.

    ●Thorough recycling
    Disposal of restaurant chopsticks, cardboard and waste oil used in our hotel, plastic bottles and aluminum cans used by customers are separated and collected by recycling companies.

    By these efforts
    We received commendation from Okayama City as 2012 Okayama City business system waste reduction, resources promotion promotion excellent company.

    ●Art creation with broken tatami mats
    Kurashiki collaboration with Takada Textile Co., Ltd., a tatami rim maker located in Kojima, Kurashiki City, we provided the company's tatami rim breakage material and made it an art to decorate rooms and corridors.By making the best use of what we throw away, we have made it possible for customers to experience Okayama's special products.(Exhibited in guest rooms and corridors on the 9th floor)
  • To reduce plastic waste

    In order to reduce plastic waste, the only amenities in our hotel rooms are toothbrushes.The toothbrush has minimal plastic content, including wheat husks.

    Upon request, we also provide a set of razors, cotton pads, hairbrushes, body towels, etc., all of which are biomass products.

    In addition, we call on customers to bring their own toothbrushes, called the “My Toothbrush Campaign,” and ask for their cooperation in reducing waste.

    As a result of this initiative, we have been registered as an "Okayama Plastic 3R Declaration Office" implemented by Okayama Prefecture.
    “Okayama Plastic 3R Declaration Office” is registered as an office that declares that it will work on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to proactively reduce plastic waste.
  • Utilization of wild game meat that has been disposed of after being killed for human reasons

    ●Menu development using Okayama Jibie meat
    Many birds and beasts have been damaged in Okayama Prefecture, and recently, not only damage to cultivated land but also humans has become more and more serious.About 3,900 wild boars alone are captured annually in Okayama City, destroying crops and causing damage of about 41 million yen.(Numbers are for 2020)

    The captured deer and wild boar are discarded, but we are promoting their reuse.It conveys the deliciousness of Okayama Jibie and at the same time contributes to ensuring a sustainable consumption production form.
  • Partnership for Okayama Activation

    ●"Okayama Shokukatsu"Okayama Shokukatsu up with local food producers
    We will tie up with Okayama producers and introduce delicious Okayama ingredients to hotel guests from all over the country.We call this “Okayama Shokukatsu, ” which Okayama Shokukatsu us an opportunity to learn about the goodness and deliciousness of Okayama.In June 2020, we launched a crowdfunding project in collaboration with Tomori Sake Brewery, a sake brewery in the prefecture, and raised funds to use it as operating funds for the "Kids dining room".

    ●Cooperation with the region through the development and sale of original ethical products
    We are promoting the development and sale of original ethical products with the concept of "products that are friendly to the people who make them, the earth, the environment, and society."We would like to work with local companies, NPOs, employment support facilities, etc. to increase the number of items and deliver kindness to the home.Part of the sales of this product will be used as a source of support for children and child-rearing.

Won the Okayama SDGs Award 2021 ☆ 彡

  • This time, our hotel was able to win the Okayama SDGs Award 2021.
    This award is sponsored by the Okayama Round Table Conference, which consists of the governments of Okayama Prefecture, Okayama City, Kurashiki City, Maniwa City, and Nishiawakura Village, which are SDGs future cities, schools such as Okayama University, and companies such as banks and newspaper companies. This is a one-time award.
    We received applications from 60 organizations such as companies, schools, and local governments, and we are grateful that you chose us.
    The award ceremony was held under the watchful eye of many guests, including the Deputy Governor of Okayama Prefecture, the Mayor of Okayama, the Okayama City of Kurashiki, and the representative secretary of the Keizai Doyukai.
    It is a great honor for us to recognize our efforts in this way, and I hope that it will be a little lighter for the accommodation and tourism industry, which is suffering from the corona disaster.

    We will continue to devote ourselves in collaboration with many people and groups, so we look forward to working with you.May the circle of compassion spread.

    ※Please also see the photo below as it is a slide type.