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Our thoughts


  • Seto Ohashi 1984, nearing the opening of the Seto Ohashi, founder Masayoshi Ueno,
    In Okayama I made a rare German restaurant.
    Amid the fun atmosphere that German beer and authentic chefs, waitresses create,
    Customers who do not know sing along with shoulder shoulder with beer jog,
    I often saw a toasting sight which is making a toast.
    Meanwhile, the founder often invited guests from Germany to their homes.
    Behavior of cooking and Okayama's sake, acting of iaido which he himself trained and
    I was talking about Japanese spirit of Bushido while showing Japanese swords and putting kimono and others.
    Your eyes look like as if you got back to the child, for the first time to see
    From the face of a German guest who glows eyes shining by touching Japanese culture,
    The pleasure of inviting people and hospitality, people who became familiar with each other
    It was full of pleasure of touching.
    Having the heart to cherish the important people that the founder aimed in the future
    By creating a good human relationship, we will contribute to creating a caring society.

    CEO, Koichiro Ueno

What is important is a heart that always values ​​important people.

  • People who cherish it are those that everyone has.Those who come to work leaving important families, those who come to make fun memories with important people and so on are also various.
    We also consider customers as "important people like family."I think that such feelings will reach customers as well and spread to each important person and spread out.

1.What we aim for hospitality is to create a good relationship

  • We would like to keep treating the edge we have met as a good partner of customers for a long time.
    Because I think that creating a good human relationship to know and understand each other is the greatest hospitality.
    So we are trying to convey weights from hand to hand through handover of keys and exchange of money.

2.Considering your "unexpected" usefulness

  • We will try to always pursue the essence of what customers want.
    Always think about the best proposal for our customers, always think about the usefulness we can only do.

3.I think about your story

  • Customers have various stories before reaching the hotel, each with a purpose.
    I think about what I can do after the staff knew it, I would like to support the staying time to be one page of wonderful memories so that I can feel comfortable to the next scene.

Our thoughts(PHILOSOPHY)

Human beings, making people, making moisture.

  • 1.To people is to be able to make people 's help useful for their own pleasure.
    2.To make people is to become an indispensable presence by making it to others.
    3.Make a moisture is to create good influences not only on yourself but also around others by building a lot of good human relationships.


"Compassionate (OMOIYARI)" into the world standard word!

  • What is "OMOIYARI"?
    ●Mind and behavior that care about the other person
    ●Mind and action to think in the other party's position
    ●Mind and behavior that do not seek reward from the other party


Making a scenery of my heart

  • By making the "view of the heart (browse) beautiful," we build a good relationship and contribute to the creation of a moist and gracious society filled with gratitude and compassion.