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Company Profile

company nameCentral Park Co., Ltd.
location〒 700-0821
1-11-17 Nakasange, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
TEL. 086-224-2000, FAX.086-223-2750
FoundationApril 1971(Hotel opening April 1984)
Capital15 million yen
RepresentativeCEO, Ueno, Koichiro
Number of Employees30 people (As of January 2019)
Business Partner BankTomato Bank, Chugoku Bank, Okayama Shinkin Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Equipment outline·Site area: 550 square meters
·Extended area: 3,080 square meters
·Reinforced concrete structure, 10 floors above ground
·Number of rooms: 97 rooms(Capacity: 117 people)
·1 restaurant(Within the facility)
·Approximately 20 paid parking lots
Architectural overviewStructure SRC, Ten floors above ground
ConstructionShimizu construction
Business contents·All services related to hotel and food and drink
·Storage management of vehicles(Paid parking lot)

Business History

2020Renewal of exterior wall painting Renewal of the Restaurant Gokan
2019Refurbished third floor room
(Currently, renovation plans are being executed one floor at a time in a year)
2018Renovated 4th Floor Guest Room
2017Renovated 5th Floor Guest Room
2012Renovated the 10th floor guest room ("Concept room" appeared)
20092nd Floor Restaurant Refurbishment & Change of Business Condition, Washi Shunkai Last Days "5 Senses" Open
2008Renovated rooms on the 6th floor ("Sit on the floor" concept room)
2007Refurbished 7th floor room
2006Renovated 8th Floor Guest Room
Year 2005Refurbished 9th floor room ("Remove shoes" concept room appeared)
1989Restaurant 'Der Hof' refurbished
1985Banquet hall expansion
1983FC contract signed with Nippon View Hotel Co, Ltd, Nippon View Hotel Co, Ltd Construction of "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" started
1971Began operating as a chargeable multi-storey parking lot "Central Auto Park"