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Hotel Features

  • Concept room like our house, even if you are with your family alone I'm happy!

    The hotel is refurbishing one floor each year,

    take off shoes
    Sit on the floor

    We propose a room with a new concept of.

    A carpet, Flooring, Tatami floor
    bed, Futon

    Please use your favorite room according to the style of the trip etc.

    One can relax,
    Relaxing with family
    I will relax.
  • Fresh breakfast of dewar Motto fresh Teppan grilled fish and plump Okayama produce Koshihikari rice

    ~Freshly Teppan breakfast is made~
    Anyway, we stick to "freshly made".
    There are plentiful kinds of breakfast at the hotel, but the mainstream is a buffet with dishes that do not know when you made it.

    However, we would like you to eat hot things hotter and cooler colder "fresh".

    We do not say "breakfast" here but "breakfast" is meaningful.Please enjoy the selected ingredients centering on Okayama brewery in a state of "fresh".
  • Hiace also easy! , Spacious 2 ton cars OK! Rain wet on the parking lot on the first floor (2nd floor front desk)

    The parking lot is located on the 1st floor of the hotel (the 2nd floor is the front desk) so you can go up to the front desk without getting wet in the rain.
    It is also convenient to park a large car up to 2 ton car with a height of 2.5 m.

    Can accommodate 2 t cars up to 2.5 m in height
    About 20 cars accommodated(First come first served basis)
    In and out freedom (except in the case of full car)
    In case of continuous lodging, you can stop during your stay.

    1 night charge (from 15 o'clock to 11 o'clock the next morning)
    800 yen (150 hours for 1 hour 150 hours outside the above hours)
    ※Push the lodging certificate on the parking ticket at the front desk.

    In case of full car, we will show neighboring parking lot
    ●Nakayamashita parking opposite the hotel(The orange sign on the left of the photo)
    17:00 to 11:00 the next morning / 1,000 yen
    ※Pay at the front desk and we will give you a free ticket

    ●Nitto Parking Hotel East
    From 18: 00 the next morning 11: 00 / 1,500 yen
    ※Press the lodging certificate on the parking ticket at the front desk

    ※All amounts are tax-included prices
  • Hospitable with delicious Okayama ingredients and alcohol!

    "Japanese-western seasonal foods dining Gokan" on the 2nd floor of the hotel is the best!

    The chef negotiates directly with a local farmer, a meat shop, a miso soy sauce shop etc.
    I am waiting for preparing delicious ingredients of Okayama.

    Meat and fish such as Bizen black cow, Setouchi rice and sea bream,
    We have many delicious items such as Okayama vegetables and local sake.
    It is very popular with our guests,
    Customer evaluation Even dinner has received high evaluation.
    There is a counter seat for one person, please enjoy the conversation with the chef and the staff!
    Because the chef will make dishes in front of the Teppan at the counter,
    I also want to enjoy the sense of realism and sense of sizzle.

    The chef's entrusted snack course also starts from 550 yen
    And it is very reasonable.

    Business hours are from 18:00 to 22:00 at night.(Closed on Sundays and Mondays day and night)
    Please use it.
  • I am happy to use family!

    ★Grandpa and grandma are together! MINNA Room can MINNA Room up to 4 adults

    ★Dad, Mama relieved! All you can hi-hi with flooring! , Because it is a futon, the character of the river with parent and child not falling

    ★Daijobu even big car! Packages are happy as well! , First floor parking lot with free access

    ★It is also kind for your wallet! , Complimentary complimentary with elementary school students (no amenities and towels)

    ★Charge your day's vitality with freshly made Teppan"breakfast"! (1,000 yen including tax Children 550
    Yen tax included)

    ★What to do if the child cries when eating out ... I will make a boxed lunch to eat in the room! ※Except Sunday Monday

    ★It's safe to play late too much! , No curfew, security guards patrol the whole area and protect customers' safety

    ★For sudden illness of children!  About 5 minutes walk from the hotel to the emergency general hospital, which also has night support

    ★I can buy baby food and diapers! Pharmacy is about 1 minute walk from the hotel

    ★Sometimes you relax with a couple! Alliance with a 24 hour nursery school opposite the hotel (half price tickets available)

    ★Convenience store & supermarket is a 0 minute walk from the hotel!

    ★Warm pot for milk, humidifier, thermometer, nanoie steamer & dryer etc. Free rental!

    ★There are plenty of eateries around.Introducing the recommended shops at the original restaurant map!

    ★I am also happy with my family too! Laundromat & Microwave & Icemaker

    ★We send deals to customers on Facebook, Twitter and staff blogs!
  • I am happy with business use!

    ★Work crisp! , Wired high-speed wired connection in all rooms free of charge

    ★Do not worry about running out of batteries! Mobile charger for all carriers Free rental

    ★"Take off your shoes / sit on the floor" Relax in your own room 

    ★The vitality charge of the day! Freshly made Teppan"Breakfast"

    ★Goods received until 2.5 m high car OK! Free entrance / exit, early morning, late night parking lot on the 1st floor of the hotel

    ★No curfew on arrival time! Security guards will visit the whole area and protect customers' safety

    ★Excellent everything! Shoe polishing paper

    ★Work crispy!  Free Wifi & Wired LAN in the room

    ★Purchase OK! Even if you forget something! , Convenience store & super is also a 0 minute walk from the hotel

    ★Tired and troubled by going out ... We also make lunch boxes to eat in your room! , ※Except Sunday Monday

    ★Various lending!  Free rental of chargers, humidifiers, trouser presses, etc.

    ★There are plenty of eateries around! Introduction of recommended restaurants in the original restaurant map

    ★I am happy for long-term business trips! Laundromat & Microwave & Icemaker

    ★We send deals to customers on Facebook, Twitter and staff blogs