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2nd Floor Restaurant, Japanese-western seasonal foods dining, Gokan

Teppan restaurants that take advantage of the food that was carefully selected from the origin to the center of the Okayama Prefecture

In our Gokan,

"Visual" ... the beauty of the interior, the appearance of the dish, hot air transmitted from the open kitchen
"Hearing" ... Teppan gun Jewelery sound, piano, such as live music, good greeting spirited by staff
"Taste" ... Chef's cuisine
"Tactile sensation" ... ingredients making use of materials, counter kitchen using natural wood - kitchen
"Olfactory sense" ... Sizzle transmitted from an open kitchen

To say
It stimulates the "Gokan" of human beings, we hope to provide a place where guests who come and work staff will smile together, and create a good human relationship through food.
Especially, with "handmade" as the first principle, we looked at vegetables, meat, fish, mainly Okayama, with the thought that we serve our important family, and thinking that we want you to know goodness We serve dishes.
More than now, through not only high-quality ingredients from foreign countries, but also familiar and safe ingredients from Okayama, a nostalgic but first-time taste and a recipe that has been devised to make it impossible to do at home, and dishes that are simple but have a sense of hospitality Providing fun to build good relationships, and revitalizing Okayama's food “Okayama Shokukatsu”, we deliver producers to their customers.

Gokan chief chef Ryuichi Fukubetsu
  • You can make fresh Teppan breakfast

    • "Breakfast" instead of "breakfast", this is a fine keyword.
      Anyway, we stick to "freshly made".There are plentiful kinds of breakfast at the hotel, but the mainstream is a buffet with dishes that do not know when you made it.
      However, we would like you to eat hot things hotter and cooler colder "fresh".
      We do not say "breakfast" here but "breakfast" is meaningful.Please enjoy the selected ingredients centering on Okayama brewery in a state of "fresh".
      • You can make fresh Teppan breakfast

        Fresh Teppan grilled fish

        (self)rice, miso soup, salad, Egg dish, juice, Coffee, Black tea
        Solo, ¥ 1,000 (tax included)
        Period available:
        7: 00 to 10: 00(9:30 Last order)
    • This is my breakfast breakfast!
      Sea bream, cod roe, salmon etc.
      We will bake a fresh fish arriving in the morning of the day one by one after coming to a store on the Teppan
      Also, we are changing the content every day so that we will not get tired of continuous lodging guests

      The next passion is rice, no matter what.
      Koshihikari was born and raised in rich nature and water in Okayama prefecture north, made with a contracting farmer who is calm and personful, is recommended

      Miso soup is also Bizen Miso from Okayama
      Miso soup made with Okayama's delicious water is compatibility

      You can taste freshly ground from beans
      It is also attractive to enjoy blends, espresso and both coffee.It corresponds to both hot and ice
      Take away with your room mug cup OK
      • You can make fresh Teppan breakfast

        Fresh Teppan grilled fish

        (self)rice, miso soup, salad, Egg dish, juice, Coffee, Black tea
        Children's grilled fish is half size ... 550 yen (tax included) Self only ... 385 yen(tax included)
        Period available:
        7: 00 to 10: 00(9:30 Last order)
    • Baby food brought in freely!
      Baby food of small children is free to bring in
      We will also warm, please do not hesitate to ask
    • You can make fresh Teppan breakfast

      Business hours
      7: 00 to 10: 00(Order stop / 9: 30)
  • Dinner evening

    For our dinner, we have a menu ahead and we do not purchase ingredients, we purchase good ingredients at that time, and we are making a menu to bring out the best items of that ingredient.
    That's why the menu changes little by little.
    In addition, we constantly replace the ingredients according to the season.Please enjoy the menu which the chef tried and errored and merged Japanese and Western essence.
    • Dinner: Seasonal Random course
      I do not know what to eat.I would like to eat the restaurant 's recommended dish.It is troublesome to choose one item at a time.Recommended by those who say.We will respond if you can tell us ingredients weak beforehand.

      ·Sunny Country course / 3,850 yen(tax included)
      ·Bizen country course / 5,500 yen(tax included)

      The content of each course changes depending on the season.
      Assorted appetizers/Organic vegetable or fish dishes/Today's soup or Koshihikari Okayama/Bizen Kuroge-wagyu Teppanyaki/Dessert/Coffee or tea
      • Omakase snack course


        The chief chef's entrusted snack course.I'm looking forward to what comes out.We will make everything from one item to a stop.
        From 550 yen (tax included)
    • A la carte(Dish dish)
      I want to examine each dish, I want to enjoy my favorite dish.A la carte is recommended for those who want to eat a little for drinking.There are also recommended seasonal menu.

      【An example of a menu】
      Bizen Kuroge-wagyu sirloin steak 80g / 2,750 yen(tax included)
      Caprese of Momotaro Tomato and Tofu Mozzarella / 715 yen(tax included)
      Organic vegetable Bagna cauda with meat miso / 924 yen(tax included)
    • drink
      To complement the dishes such as Teppan, drinks that match Japanese-style creative dishes are rich in variations.
      There are also original shochu and natural wine etc which can only be drunk here, I will not get tired of coming over again.
      There is also bottle keep of shochu, ◎ is large for the number of people.

    • An example of a drink menu
      Original rice shochu "Gokan" and other shochu Approximately 6 types / 583 yen (tax included) ~
      Sapporo black label raw / 550 yen(tax included)
      Okayama's local sake (Sumiya Yahei Junmai, Sakehitosuji straight line) 180ml / 682 yen (tax included) ~
      Red and white glass wine 550 yen each(tax included)
      Natural wine (bio wine) bottle 3,080 yen (tax included) ~
      DEWARDS highball / 495 yen(tax included)
      Approximately 7 types of cocktails / 660 yen(tax included)
      Fruit wine / 550 yen (tax included) ~
    • Dinner evening

      Business hours
      18:00 to 22:00(Order stop / 21: 30)
      Store holiday on Sunday and Monday
  • The online shopping site "Gokan de Gohan" has started!

    We are pleased to announce the opening of "Gokan de Gohan", a mail-order site where you can order dishes from all Gokan at home!
    We will deliver original products using Okayama ingredients such as the popular Bizen Kuroge-wagyu and yellow leek white beef stew, Okayama peach pork and yellow leek red stew, and OKAYAMA risotto, which was popular in cloud funding.Please enjoy the taste of Okayama and the taste of the Gokan at home.
  • Producers who support the Gokan

    ■Mori Tama eggs... Brand eggs taken from "Misaki Farm", the largest chicken farm in western Japan
    ■Bizen Miso Soy Sauce... Misoya in Within Okayama City making our miso
    ■Rice… Purchased directly from a farmer living in Kita Kagamino Town, Prefecture"Koshihikari"
    ■Kimise Shoyu ... Additive-free soy sauce that sticks to 100% domestic soybeans
    ■Okayama meat... Management of Kishimoto ranch which raises Bizen Kuroge-wagyu
    ■Vegetables ... Fresh and safe vegetables carefully selected by the chief chef
    • Reservation of the Gokan·Inquires

      Business hours
      Morning:7: 00 to 9: 30(LO)
      Noon: 11: 30 to 14: 00(LO)
      Night: 18: 00-21: 30(LO)

      ※Sunday & Monday's afternoon and evening store holiday

      Reservations for day and night charter may be entered.Please note.
      54 seats(Seven counters in seats)