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Job Information

It is a comfortable workplace where people of various ages and positions stand.

  • Mother who is growing up, elderly people who are over 80 years old, fresh young people who just graduated from high school,
    Part-time working at short time in vacant time, full-time employee working solidly with a desire for self-growth,
    People of various age and position work while respecting each other.That's why human relations is also a very good workplace.

Human resources we seek

  • ●Human resources who feel it is fun to communicate with people
    ●Human resources who value teamwork and can stay peaceful
    ●Human resources who like to please people and spare their effort
    ●Human resources who will never forget to thank those who have supported them
    ●Human resources who want to challenge themselves and grow themselves

Application Requirements(Regular employee, New graduate model)

Wanted jobs·Hotel front desk / hall staff(Restaurant)·Restaurant cooking(Restaurant)
SalaryStarting salary(Basic salary+Professional salary)
· Four university graduates above 180,000 yen, ·College, Vocational school graduates above 160,000 yen, ·High school graduate 150,000 yen or more
AllowancesCommuting allowance, Housing allowance, Family allowance, Job allowance, Qualification allowance
bonusTwice a year (summer / winter), in addition to the performance (financial bonus etc.)
Pay riseOnce a year(July)
HolidaysAbout eight times a month
Service systemDepending on the shift table created every month
A vacationAnnual paid leave
WelfareHealth insurance, Employee's pension, Employment insurance, Occupational accident insurance, Retirement payment system, Retirement reemployment system, Childcare leave system, Up to 500,000 yen for hospitalization hospitalization expenses,
Award systemExcellent employee recognition, long-term service awards etc.
Training systemDispatch of external training, Excellent Hotel·Store inspection, exhibition·Convention participation
Contact InformationTEL.086-224-2000
Please contact us from this homepage "inquiry / document request".
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  •                            Click here for the Mynavi page for new graduates

Application Requirements(part-time job)

Wanted jobs·Hotel front desk, hall staff (restaurant), restaurant cooking, parking lot reception, etc.
SalaryFrom 900 yen per hour(There is an apprenticeship period for 14 days from the first day of work)
treatmentUniform loan(Beginners, mothers who are raising children, seniors welcome as well) ※No uniform in some departments
Working hoursFront desk - From 9: 00 to 22: 00, restaurant hall / kitchen - Working hours between 6: 00 and 22: 00
※Negotiable on working hours, days, etc.
WelfareHealth insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance (according to working hours)
Raise payment system, incentive system, up to 500,000 yen for hospitalization hospitalization expenses, regular employee recruitment system, job return system, nursery school deposit half price ticket payment etc.
Award systemExcellent employee recognition, long-term service awards etc.
Contact InformationTEL.086-224-2000
Please contact us from this homepage "inquiry / document request".
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  • Voice of staff Hanako Kozue

    It suits each customer. "Hospitality"This word caught my eye during job hunting.I wanted to have a customer service that was close to the customer, and I wanted to create something that would satisfy the customer, so I was attracted by the word "hospitality" and moved to OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL.
    I had no experience working in the hotel industry, and I was worried that the knowledge I had gained through my work would not be very useful, and that I would start from scratch.However, at OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL, you can use your experience and knowledge in various situations.It is an environment where you can utilize your staff's strengths and follow your weaknesses while improving your skills.Each staff member thinks differently about "hospitality", but the aim of "hospitality" is to create good relationships with customers.In our conversations with our customers, various tips are hidden every day.I think that the first step of good human relations is to serve customers who listen to these words and come close to their hearts.
    I don't think there is a right answer to the job at OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL.If you think about each and every customer, the answers and responses will change each time.I find it attractive and interesting., Let's work with us to build good relationships with our customers and staff.
  • Voice of staff Misaki Inui

    I found "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" when I was studying English and Korean at university and was worried about a job where I could make use of foreign languages.Since "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" is a business hotel, there are few overseas customers compared to resort hotels, but I hope that it will serve the overseas customers as much as possible.I decided to get a job at "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" because not only the front desk staff, but also the restaurants, parking lots, and staff from various departments were able to communicate with each other firmly and feel friendly.I think that when I am actually working I may come up with things that I am not good at, but it is easy to consult, help me if I am not good, and I can do what I am good at, so it is worth doing.In addition, there are many opportunities to give and listen to opinions at brand meetings and study sessions, so it will be a great learning experience.
    Since our goal is to be a “my home Okayama where we can communicate,” some customers say that they are “at my home”, and they are closer to our customers than other business hotels. ..I think there are some people who are new to the hotel industry and are worried, but since all the staff will support you, let's liven up the "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" together.