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Job Information

It is a comfortable workplace where people of various ages and positions stand.

  • Mother who is growing up, elderly people who are over 80 years old, fresh young people who just graduated from high school,
    Part-time working at short time in vacant time, full-time employee working solidly with a desire for self-growth,
    People of various age and position work while respecting each other.That's why human relations is also a very good workplace.

Human resources we seek

  • ●Human resources who feel it is fun to communicate with people
    ●Human resources who value teamwork and can stay peaceful
    ●Human resources who like to please people and spare their effort
    ●Human resources who will never forget to thank those who have supported them
    ●Human resources who want to challenge themselves and grow themselves

Application Requirements(Regular employee, New graduate model)

Wanted jobs·Hotel front desk / hall staff(Restaurant)·Restaurant cooking(Restaurant)
SalaryStarting salary(Basic salary+Professional salary)
· Four university graduates above 180,000 yen, ·College, Vocational school graduates above 160,000 yen, ·High school graduate 150,000 yen or more
AllowancesCommuting allowance, Housing allowance, Family allowance, Job allowance, Qualification allowance
bonusTwice a year (summer / winter), in addition to the performance (financial bonus etc.)
Pay riseOnce a year(July)
HolidaysAbout eight times a month
Service systemDepending on the shift table created every month
A vacationAnnual paid leave
WelfareHealth insurance, Employee's pension, Employment insurance, Occupational accident insurance, Retirement payment system, Retirement reemployment system, Childcare leave system, Up to 500,000 yen for hospitalization hospitalization expenses,
Award systemExcellent employee recognition, long-term service awards etc.
Training systemDispatch of external training, Excellent Hotel·Store inspection, exhibition·Convention participation
Contact InformationTEL.086-224-2000
Please contact us from this homepage "inquiry / document request".
Recruitment Officer: to original

Application Requirements(part-time job)

Wanted jobs·Hotel front desk / hall staff(Restaurant)·Restaurant cooking
SalaryFrom hourly wage of 850 yen (apprenticeship is available for 14 days from the first day of work)
treatmentUniform lease, with meals (beginners, mothers during child rearing, elderly people are welcome)
Working hoursFront desk - From 9: 00 to 22: 00, restaurant hall / kitchen - Working hours between 6: 00 and 22: 00
※Negotiable on working hours, days, etc.
WelfareHealth insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance (according to working hours)
Raise payment system, incentive system, up to 500,000 yen for hospitalization hospitalization expenses, regular employee recruitment system, job return system, nursery school deposit half price ticket payment etc.
Award systemExcellent employee recognition, long-term service awards etc.
Contact InformationTEL.086-224-2000
Please contact us from this homepage "inquiry / document request".
Recruitment Officer: to original
  • Voice of staff, Hirooka, Cay

    At the university, I learned about sightseeing theory and Chinese, and I was working part-time in the hospitality industry all the time during my school days.I like to travel abroad and often use overseas hotels, but the thing that I always feel is wonderfulness of Japanese service.
    From such experiences, I also joined the OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL with a new graduation because I want the overseas people visiting Japan to know the "heart of hospitality" that Japan boasts of which it boasts is proud of. The work of the hotel is not the same day as a day, it is very difficult to provide services suitable for each customer, but it is a rewarding work that you can grow day by day with encouraging "voice" from customers in such circumstances I think.
    My future goal is to be a Chinese customer who is also my strength and to be a repeater for Chinese-speaking customers.OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL is extremely at home, young staff and teamwork are outstanding. Along with us, regardless of domestic and foreign customers, let 's try to say "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" when traveling to OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL.
  • Voice of staff, original, Yukaka

    To cherish the edge we met, we value the connection between people and people I thought that I would like to work at the OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL, I decided to change jobs from different industries.
    While I was a student, I had a part-time job experience, but I was worried about my first job in the hotel industry.However, at OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL, there are many opportunities for fulfilling training, such as in-house study sessions, and I am able to work happily while deepening my learning day by day.
    Based on the thought of "Okayama's my home", we take everyone seriously thinking about "How can you please" from young staff to experienced staff to every customer who visits, every day working on it is.For work and traveling, customers use OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL in various ways, but I'd like to be a hotel that you can feel relief and warmth like you've returned to families with my favorite family I will.
    Here are the environments where the staff can grow together while getting good stimulus among themselves.By holding your own skills such as organizing events of staff ideas, you can shape your thoughts towards customers, and you can feel worthwhile enough.
    As a member of the Okayama View Family, let 's make a wonderful my home together with us.