Guest room renovation on the 3rd floor of 2019◆Concept hotel to take off your shoes and sit on the floor and relax

【Official】OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL, | 5 minutes by car from Okayama Station, "take off your shoes, sit on the floor"Within Okayama City hotel

【From our hotel representative】New Coronavirus Countermeasures and Messages

Thank you for always favoring OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL.
OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL has been operating under the concept of "my home Okayama where you can feel at my home".
We will also respond to the new type of coronavirus infection that is spreading around the world based on this concept so that customers can stay with peace of mind as if they were at home.

·Some hotel staff may wear masks
·Disinfectants are installed at various locations within the facility, so please use them freely.
·Alcohol disinfection (wiping) is performed regularly for parts that touch the customer's hand, such as room keys, elevator buttons, front counters, restaurant table chairs, etc.
·After checking out, the room will be fully ventilated with open windows, alcohol disinfection such as tables and chairs, door knobs, remote controls and toilet seats etc.
·For the time being, accommodation cancellations will be free of charge even on the day

You may want to refrain or postpone your travels during uneasy times, but this hotel puts the safety and health of our customers and staff first, opens the door of the hotel and welcomes you I look forward to your heartfelt.

Okayama View Hotel 
Representative Koichiro Ueno

my home heart to Okayama for my home family's memories my home

  • Beautiful view of the heart

    Customers come to have a variety of thoughts and come all the way from far away.
    We hope to be a place where beautiful scenery is engraved in the mind through the provision of a moment for relaxing like our home, for the people who usually work far away from their families.
    When you go home, I value the reverberation that you can think "I want to come with my family again".


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Okayama View Hotel


〒 700-0821, Nakasange, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture(Nakasange)1-11-17

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5 minutes by car from JR Okayama Station east exit.
Okayama Station, take the bus "Tenmaya Bus Terminal" and walk 2 minutes on foot.
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Our “hospitality”

Oka View Do you want to become a family? ~ Members Card 5

We are looking for a corporate member company!

  • Recruitment of member company

    We are looking for a corporate contract company in our hotel.
    By partnership with our hotel,
    We will help your company reduce expenses and make cumbersome business trips,
    We are looking for a company that can trust each other and associate with each other.

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