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Members Card 5

"Members Card 5" to be happy even to family

I can not go back to my house at work, but to you who will do my best for my favorite family.

  • ~Members Card 5~

    Cards you and your family rejuvenate

    It is a members card with the concept as 5.

    We will show you various benefits at the point of thanks thanks for storing as much as you can stay.

Benefits such as the same price for all seasons even during the busy season!

  • ·Admission fee, No annual fee (First-time card issuance fee of 500 yen only)

    ·We will guide you at the same rate-all season deals even during busy season

    ·Check in with signature only (Annoying procedures are easy!)

    ·Breakfast is a special rate-usually 1,000 yen (tax included) ⇒ 600 yen (tax included)(Only at the time of stay)

    ·Check out at 12:00 on Saturdays and Sundays

    ·100 points for 1 night free, 200 points for 3 night free or family invitation (up to 4 people) (500 yen = 1 Thank you Point AP)

    ·Make reservations from the dedicated toll-free number, and smooth reservations from previous history data

    ·Preferential guidance during peak season

    ·You can get advantageous information and event information of Okayama by sending "View News" four times a year

Change the feeling of thankfulness into points, and further benefits with ~ 5 ~

  • ·For accommodation within 15 days from last stay plus 5 AP

    ·The day that the 5th of every month goes on is "Father's Day" plus 5AP

    ·If you stay for the second time within half a year after joining plus 10 AP

    ·If you are a family member (within 1 parent, etc.) guide with the same rate as members

    ·If you introduce a new customer 10AP, if the introduced customer joins the same day, card issuance fee free

    ·Customers over 5 consecutive stay plus 5 AP

    ·If you fill out the room questionnaire (Nico Nico sheet) plus 5 AP

About point card

  • ·This point card is valid only at OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL.

    ·Present your card at check-in.

    ·Applicable only in case of payment by cash or credit.

    ·Points subjects will be used only by the person in question.

    ·If you do not use it for more than 1 year, you will receive a renewal fee of 300 yen.

    ·Reservations from travel agencies and official websites other than the official HP · mobile website are 5P per night, regardless of fee.

    ·Points subjects will be charged for room, restaurant, and meals.

    ·In case of lost card or stolen, 500 yen reissue fee will be charged.(Points expire)