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The first floor is convenient for those coming by car at the parking lot

The first floor is a parking lot and the second floor is a front desk.

Parking on the first floor can park up to 2 ton cars up to 2.5 m in height.
Because there are elevators in the parking lot as much as there are lots of luggage, please use.
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〒 700-0821 1-11-17 Nakasange, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

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5 minutes by car from JR Okayama Station east exit.
Okayama Station, take the bus "Tenmaya Bus Terminal" and walk 2 minutes on foot.

It is a hotel located in the middle of Okayama Station and Korakuen / Okayama Castle and has a hub presence

●JR Okayama Station...
[car]About 5 minutes
[bus]2 minutes on foot from Tenmaya Bus Station
[Tram]Bound for Seikibashi, Get off at "Yubinkyokumae" 3 minutes on foot
●Okayama Airport...
[car]About 35 minutes
●Okayama IC...
[car]About 30 minutes
  • The landmark is Happy stairs

    OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL the entrance of OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL, there is a so-called "Happy stairs" filled with many messages.While reaching here, all the staff members shared ideas and shaped it with a desire to convey a feeling of hospitality to customers who have gone through a long way while holding lots of luggage.
  • Convenient location in the center of Okayama with Tenmaya and Loft.

    OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL, one of the national View Hotel Chain, is Tenmaya, NTT Cred, Prefectural Office,
    Located near the Symphony Building and in the center of Okayama City.
    There are plenty of eating and drinking establishments around, so you do not have to worry about shopping.A 1-minute walk from the hotel,
    There is Tenmaya Bus Terminal, and it is convenient location that you can access to various parts of the city, Kurashiki, Tamano and so on.
  • Information on parking lots

    The parking lot is on the 1st floor of the hotel (the front desk is on the 2nd floor)

    Can accommodate 2 t cars up to 2.5 m in height
    About 20 cars accommodated(First come first served basis)
    In and out freedom (except in the case of full car)
    For consecutive stays, you can stop during your stay
    There are resident staff from 8:00 to 22:00(Please inquire at the front desk outside hours)

    1 night charge (from 15 o'clock to 11 o'clock the next morning)
    800 yen (150 hours for 1 hour 150 hours outside the above hours)
    ※Press the lodging certificate on the parking ticket at the front desk

    In case of full car, we will show neighboring parking lot
    ●Nakayamashita parking opposite the hotel
    17:00 to 11:00 the next morning / 1,000 yen
    ※Pay at the front desk and we will give you a free ticket
  • Surrounding facilities·Attractions

    【Convenient facilities】
    convenience store(FamilyMart)···Opposite the hotel
    Waiwai Daycare (Waiwai Daycare can be temporarily stored for 24 hours)···Opposite the hotel
    Super (Watanabe Seisenkan)···About 1 minute on foot
    pharmacy(Segami drug)···About 1 minute on foot
    Tenmaya·Tenmaya Bus Center···About 1 minute on foot
    Fukutake Jolly Building(Rental conference room·Movie theater)···About 1 minute on foot
    Kawasaki Medical University General Medical Center(general Hospital)···About 3 minutes on foot
    NTT Credo Building(office·Composite shopping facility)···About 5 minutes on foot
    Okayama Symphony Hall···About 7 minutes on foot
    Okayama Art Creative Theater Harenowa・・・About 10-minute walk
    Okayama prefectural office···Approximately 10 minutes on foot
    Okayama Prefectural Library···Approximately 10 minutes on foot
    Okayama University···Approximately 10 minutes by car

    【Tourist facilities】
    Korakuen·Okayama Castle···About 15 minutes on foot
    Orient Museum, Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art···About 15 minutes on foot
    Takehisa Yumeji Museum···About 20 minutes on foot
    City light Stadium···Approximately 10 minutes by car
    Ikeda Zoo···Approximately 15 minutes by car
    Toy Kingdom···About 60 minutes by car, etc.