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Thank you dear my child

  • 〇〇(Children's name), thank you for being born 💛
    Today, a year ago, with the help of many people,〇〇You've been born.
    I am happy to be able to see OO, which is full of energy every day without major illness.
    I'm on a trip to Okayama prefecture today to celebrate my birthday.
    I played with a lot of smiles.
    Let's make many memories from now on.

    Thank you so much for being born to your dad and mom.
    I'll be laughing a lot and spending time!
    From father and mother
  • I came to travel with my family on my first birthday,
    Words of thanks from parents to the born child.
    It may not be transmitted to a 1 year old child, but
    I think you can feel it.
    Deep affection for my child(T_T)

A letter from a business dad who can not go home

  • Eat delicious things
    Look at the beautiful scenery
    It should be very fun
    Because I am not with my mom and "" (children's name)
    I do not think it is fun from the heart.
    Daddy is going overseas assignment
    What do you do when it comes to···(Lol)
    From now on, with the increasing family
    I hope everyone enjoys it.
    Thank you always mom ♡
    From Dad
  • I feel full of thinking about my wife and my children
    I will be very relaxing to here.
    You will also be concerned about your child's stomach condition and your wife's physical condition.
    Please keep your family and friends happy.
    And please come to the view hotel with four people.

I can not go see the sports festival From my dad to my child

  • 〇〇, ""(Son, Your daughter's name)
    It is athletic meeting at last.
    Good luck with all the best!
    Dad is a job
    I can not go to the school, but at the end
    Please show me a cool place for moms!
    From Dad
    (that's all, End quote)
  • Today is the kids' athletic meet.
    Dad wanted to go see but stayed at the hotel without being able to go by work.
    Actually I want to go see and support you!
    I feel strongly that feeling.
    I'm truly appreciate your work.
    Just as Dad is doing his best job, children will be doing their best at the athletic meet.
    I think that we would like to be a cheering team of Dad that is doing her best.

GOROGORO was successful! , ~ O's accommodation experience

  • I stayed at the other day when I went to Kurashiki.I used a non-smoking GORORI Single.
    It is still good to relax more than staying out because there is no unnecessary thing because there is no unnecessary thing if there is nothing unnecessary if it is easy to understand what you need after refurbishing and still new!
    There is also a feeling of cleanliness such as the color and texture of the floor and so fine I do not feel strangeness 😊
    I am also running a small company, but my sense of handmade is always evolving and I feel like to incorporate it in my company!
    It is also important to refine it, but I think that you can imitate even without cost and it will be positive and will be positive.
    I like the feeling of handmade smudge
    I receive power 💕🌸💕🌸 💕🌸💕🌸 Okayama's power spot!

From my father who can not meet me on a business trip even if I want to see my family

  • "," "(Child's name)
    If you return it, let me know a lot and let me go

    〇〇(Name of wife)
    It is very hard for a business trip to be on a business trip.
    Please wait as long as possible without coming back."
  • Although I want to go home and see my wife and children,
    The loneliness that I can not meet on a business trip and the kindness I am considering my family are transmitted from sentences.
    Even if you want to go home you can not go home with work, feel guilty that you can not afford to be with a serious period

    We would like to think about what we can do while firmly feeling the feelings of our customers with such feelings.

From a child during a summer vacation with a family Grandpa, to a grandma

  • Grandpa, to grandma
    Going to US Jay (USJ)
    I got Harry Potter's sticker.
    Game of a giant watch
    It was fun to do with a merry-go-round.

    (From Mom)
    Please also look at the pictures.I will go play.
  • It is good to have children's straight and pure messages enjoying a summer vacation trip with a fun family.
    You can imagine the happy face of grandpa and grandma who received this.
    I wish you a wonderful memory (* ^ _ ^ *)

From parents who came to support my daughter in interheay

  • To everyone in the hotel
    I came to support my daughter at interheay.
    Even in Ibaraki, there are damage from the earthquake disaster, there is no place to practice, such as home, school, playground, truck etc.
    There was a day when I could not even live with hope.

    In my parents house Iwate ,,,,,
    Tears overflow even today.
    My daughter was a fifth grader then.

    I want you to spread wings like this folded crane and flap.
    I am going to get one, I will bring a paper crane in my room.
    With an amulet of the trip in a rice paddy,
    It became a memory of the success of the daughter of Interhei.
    Thank you
  • It is a message that directly conveys the hardship at the time of the disaster and the affection for the daughter.
    Thank you very much.
    I am glad if you become a memory of Okayama's good trip (* ^ _ ^ *)

From daughter participating in Interhei to your parents

  • Thank you for coming to Okayama for your support today.
    In the summer I am busy with work but I took a day off and went to see my dad (^ O ^)
    Mommy (^ ^) who told me that "〇 ○ (name) is" ___ ___ ___ 0 "
    Thanks to Mama and Daddy you can run at this nationwide competition like this!
    Thank you
    Thank you for always supporting me the best though I'm struggling a lot.
    I'm glad that Mom and Dad say "I am amazing, good luck!" (^ ○ ^) ♡

    1500 m was a self-best for 0.38 seconds,
    I will try my best to get my best at 3000 m!
    I love you both dad and mum (^ ○ ^)

    From 〇〇
  • This year, Interhai (high school general) was held in Okayama.
    A letter to my heart warming from my daughter who participated.
    It left us a happy message as well.
  • Thank you (* ^ _ ^ *)
    Please do good results and make it a wonderful summer memory.

Mr. MM who has a deep affection for her daughter

  • Sorry, with all my work mom.
    Sorry, I could not make rice.
    I'm sorry, I can not get by my time.
    I am sorry, I can not complain.

    But I love it the most in the world.And I always think.

    From Mam

    Thank you.〇〇(Child 's name) becomes the living being of Mama' s life.
  • I feel a deep affection for my daughter in one letter of Mama's letter.
    I thought that I would like to relieve even the least painful things I can not meet.

    At a later date, this customer stayed with my daughter (^ O ^)
    Please be my friend and mother forever forever.

Customers who work hard without meeting their loved ones for two months

  • We are staying at our hotel for two weeks.
    I am working hard on my job for two months without meeting my child.

    I realized again that our customers are coming to the hotel with many things on their backs.
    It is sent to the child every time using "Thank you post card" put in the room.

    For customers like this we will act on what we can do!

Mom who works hard at work leaving my loved one at home

  • 〇〇To chan
    Sorry to make you lucky.Always cute with taste
    Thank you for waiting.I am always looking forward to it.
    From now
  • Mom who has left my loved one for work.
    That loneliness will be great.Drawing the desire to see your mother in the picture
    The loneliness of the waiting child will also be great.

    Loneliness also grows because we care very much.I want to ease even such a little loneliness.
    What you can do is a small thing, but I'd like to deliver my feelings

Letter to my favorite friend

  • 〇〇To chan
    It is about the story of becoming fat now even now in okayama.
    Go bought Kibi Dango to souvenirs. Let's play with it again.Take care.
    〇〇You can see Okayama from the hotel where it stops.
    Let's talk a lot again when the summer vacation is over.

  • It is a letter that comes along very well.The children's sentences are pure and straight.
    Please make a lot of fun summer memories.

To grandmother who became energetic

  • grandmother
    congratulations for the discharge!
    How about life in our house for the first time in 2 months? I will be back soon soon, so please wait★
    Thank you as always.
    from 〇〇
  • A letter from a grandson who thinks of the grandmother who was discharged.
    Somehow my heart will smile.I hope Grandma also read this letter and become even more energetic.

Dad who can not go home easily with a business trip

  • To my favorite mama and "(" daughter's name)
    Thank you for always supporting me for my dad.I am a bit tired but I can do my best thanks to them.
    For a while my dad's wandering trip will continue but I will be careful not to disturb my body.
    I want to see you soon ... Wait a little more.Papa is also looking forward to the adventure world very much.
    From mother and dad who love ""
  • Dad who can not return home easily because he is on a business trip Always to the wife and her daughter who will support us in the shade
    Thank you for your message.A very good family relationship can be felt.
    Please enjoy the family vacation of adventure world!

Customers who have long-awaited children coming soon

  • My tummy kids are doing fine!
    Always make yourself a sake for sake and sorry.
    Please let football work hard until the child gets bigger and can be together.
    The liquor is ... Well ... If children are born from now on, it will be hard for us but we will do our best together!

    Thank you as always! (Please take care of me.
  • It is a loving message to your big wife.
    Mr. Danna who dreams of having a child and future soccer together,
    From the sentence you can feel the goodness of the maid 's friend who always supports it with the shade (* ^ _ ^ *)
    I wish you a happy baby.

Mr. Masaki Kawai

  • Because the company is in Ibaru, I often use it when I have meetings, training and social gatherings in Within Okayama City.
    There are times when I come by train, but even if I come by car there is a parking lot and it is the nearest to the area called Omote Town, so I use it very conveniently.
    The staff members remember their faces and names, and we are always serving the service that is close to our hearts with a smile.
    I have used many business hotels because of my work and business trips, but I think that OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL is the only hotel with such a concept.
    I also like to change my room to shoes and change the place to my house and I can relax very much.

Mr. Yuo Kurashima

  • I live in Tsuyama city (65).
    Did you know about the existence of "OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL" about 10 years ago?
    Knowing the view hotel Until then, we will stay at the station if it gets late, such as a meeting / social gathering, and to Tsuyama in the morning.
    (It was a good hotel as it was without being able to use the station.

    It will be seven or eight years already? !
    Ueno acquainted with President Ueno (present) at a workshop that is related, at first I am going out with me.(Lol)

    When staying, it is wonderful of "smile reception" of front desk staff = manager and especially female teams.
    (From restaurant to parking lot)

    "The mirror does not laugh first", but this word is the perfect hotel.
    When they are tired from work, when they are hung over (laugh)
    I was cheered by that "smile" at the moment I met, how much I was saved.

    Meanwhile, my daughter will go to Okayama's high school, and at first I experienced staying with a family member and three people.
    When becoming late at club activity (brass band), of course, it became a "daughter's station" recommended by a family member.
    (Thanks for three years until March this year, I was indebted to you)

    I will continue to use it when I become late due to meeting (business trip) · training (lecture · social gathering) etc.(Of course, the daughter too (^. ^))

Mr. A with 7 months of age

  • Every time I come to Okayama I am indebted to you.Thank you for always being comfortable.
    My son also became 3 years old and I became able to talk well and I am sorry to talk to everyone in the staff and I am sorry.
    The front desk picture book is also a delight.
    It is a car drawn by a child.Do you look like a car! What?
    Three families are in the window.
    (End quote)
  • This customer is a couple with children and children have been staying many times since around 7 months, now they are 3 years old.
    As children grow bigger every time they visit, we are looking forward to seeing them.
    I am feeling Shimizumi as I have grown big enough to draw a cute illustration this time.Also the goodness of family relationship is transmitted.

    The questionnaire form of the hotel is not a one-way street but a customary style to have it checked, it has become a style to write freely, such as illustration,
    It is becoming an important communication tool with customers.

    This time as well, "I'm going to the zoo from now on" I was departed with a full smile (^ O ^)
    It is nearly a kindergarten ~~~! I want you to make a cup of good memories.