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  • About GoTo Travel Campaign

Reservation method to utilize GoTo campaign  ※Currently dormant

  • ① When making a reservation(A to D)
    (A) OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL reservation on the OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL official website
    ⇒See flow diagram below

    (B) OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL reservation by phone directly to OKAYAMA VIEW HOTEL
    ⇒See flow diagram below

    (C) Make a reservation from an internet travel site
    ⇒Please make reservations according to the rules of each site such as "Jalan net" and "Rakuten Travel"

    (D) Make a reservation from a travel agency
    ⇒Please purchase products eligible for "Go To Travel" discount at each travel agency
  • About regional coupons

    A regional coupon will be issued from October 1st.
    ●15% of the travel price will be distributed to travelers as a regional coupon.
    ●It can be used only during the travel period in the destination prefecture + adjacent prefectures.
    ●There are two types of coupons, paper coupons and electronic coupons, and no change is given.
    ●It will be distributed by travel agencies and accommodation companies.

    The issuing method varies depending on the reservation site, so please check the reservation site as well.
    This coupon can also be used at the restaurant "Japanese-western seasonal foods dining Gokan" in the facility.
  • STAY NAVI discount coupon issuing site

    Please issue a coupon from "My Page" after completing the member registration from the upper right button of this discount coupon site.

    ※In the "Reservation total (tax included)" column, enter the accommodation plan fee and do not include the parking fee etc.